29th August 2014
Banks to cancel all student loan debt in 2014 Read story Banks to cancel all student loan debt in 2014

Banks to cancel all student loan debt in 2014

Banks are set to cancel all existing and outstanding student loans later this year, in a move that analysts have called "stupendously mad". Both UK and US banks have so far confirmed they are ready to sign an agreement, with France and Germany to follow in 2015....

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Entertainment news stories

Sports star bowling

Brit sports star's Jonah Hill paparazzi rant

Brit sports star Britt Sports today found its non-cisgendered self in trouble, for calling the paparazzi that were chasing him 'faggots' - which,...

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Science & technology news

Mario Kart 8 DLC to teach reverse parking

Nintendo's new DownLoadable Content (DLC) is set to arrive over the course of the next few years (and possibly decades), and one particular DLC is...

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Funny world news

Ozone layer retires

There were shock reports today from the United Nations that the the Ozone layer has decided to retire early. The Ozone layer, made famous in the 1980...

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Business news headlines

Steve Ballmer

Former Microsoft boss to leave "firm"

Former Microsoft boss Steven Ballmer will today leave the company, while pun writers and double-entendre fans celebrate the opportunity wildly.

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Funny sports news

Fernando Alonso, looking extremely cool

Alonso to leave Ferrari after Italian Grand Prix

Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso is strongly rumoured to be thinking of leaving his own Ferrari parked in a short-stay car park when he visits the...

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Health headlines

Kate Bush Album

Kate Bush finds cure for ageing: a review of sorts

Eternal popstrel and lyrical mad-genius Kate Bush yesterday resurrected herself and her career at the Hammersmith Apollo yesterday. The singer, now...

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