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DNA found to be spelt wrong

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DNA, or DeoxyriboNucleic Acid as it is otherwise (but now apparently erroneously called), has been found to no longer be an accurate term for the molecule. Scientists at Oxbridge University have discovered that the 'ribo' part of the term (short for ribose - which is the sugar part of what goes into popular soft-drink Ribena) is actually a Lyxose, and always has been!

"It's such a simple mistake," claimed George Weir, head of Pentotostic research in one of Oxbridge's 'labs'. "We've never bothered to really look into it before; with the discovery of DNA being so incredible, we just didn't bother."

The term DNA of course, will not change, but the ramifications of the discovery of DeoxylyxoseNucleic Acid will long live on, including the added difficulties of discussing the molecule for those with any form of speech impediment.

We talked to one passer-by about the discovery:

"It sure sounds fancy," said Tom Bobbins, 42, landscape gardener. "If it's made out of sugar, I look forward to the day I can eat a DNA candy bar. Sounds like it would be sweet and sour, with that acid on the side."

DNA discoverers, Watson and Crick, are said to be slowly spinning in their graves. At least, slowly enough not to undergo any centrifugal displacement.

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#1 @ 5 years ago
by S Church1 - Quiet veteran

Hilarious. Solid work.

15 comments, registered 5 years ago
#2 @ 5 years ago
by WILLIAMDUKE7 - Quiet veteran

how funny.

12 comments, registered 5 years ago
#3 @ 5 years ago
by Silk Beggar - Ghost

I need a feeling I'm not the accurate audience for this.

4 comments, registered 5 years ago
#4 @ 5 years ago
by edge_turn111 - Quiet veteran

Silk Beggar wrote

I need a feeling I'm not the accurate audience for this.


19 comments, registered 5 years ago

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