Your Funny Virgo Horoscope for Thursday, 7th Feb 2019

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Below is your horoscope for the date specified above. Some people think it's unlucky to look at old horoscopes from prior dates but we think it's important in order to be able to gauge the accuracy rates of horoscopes. So, if you want to check your old horoscopes, use our Archive Horoscopes section and enjoy yourself!
star sign: Virgo


23 August - 22 September

The future is what you make of it - and if it's anything like what you made of the rest of your life, I'd consider buying in materials for the nuclear winter.

Today will be a day like any other.

It's marvellous. No, really, it is absolutely marvellous. You'll see.

It is tantalising to think that you may be the favourite person in your area. However, fame always leads to the embarrassing disclosure of old XXX tapes of you.

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