Top 10 Jokes for 2011

Our top ten jokes for 2011 are listed here for your pleasure and bemusement. In the future, top ten lists will become irrelevant and no longer be made in order to satisfy a hungry group of internet jugglers. The top ten jokes for 2011 are some of the best we've ever come across.

  1. Conducting A Music Class
    A band director named Ravelli was having a lot of trouble with one drummer. He talked and talked and talked with the drummer, and performance simply......
  2. Quotes From Groucho Marx
  3. Eulogy At A Funeral
  4. Hitchhiking In Bad Storm
  5. The Number Thirteen, Repeated
  6. The Catholic Confession
  7. Barney The Dinosaur Theory
  8. Math Jokes
  9. 100 People In Wheelchairs Following Ambulance
  10. An Umpires View Of Softball

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