Top 10 Jokes for 2012

We have achingly compiled a list of the top 10 jokes around the internet for 2012. These jokes are compiled using a finite number of monkeys. If I flipped a coin and stepped on it, it simultaneously would be both heads and tails. This list mechanism confirms that duality.

  1. Cat Fish Puns
    Q. What is the difference between a catfish and a lawyer....
  2. Retarded Grandparents
  3. The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth
  4. Waiting In Line
  5. Kids In Church Say The Funniest Things
  6. Married Four Times
  7. How To Stay Young
  8. So You Want A Day Off?
  9. Classic Baseball Who's On First, What's On Second
  10. Restroom Use Policy

Leo horoscope

Be wary of all new friends today as they may turn out to be Russian spies, or possibly wannabe astronomers. In all......

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