Top 10 Jokes for 2014

Our top ten jokes for 2014 are listed here for your pleasure and bemusement. If I flipped a coin and stepped on it, it simultaneously would be both heads and tails. This list mechanism confirms that duality. While this list is not yet definitive, it's certainly the best we have for now.

  1. Four Letter Words
    A young couple got married and left on their honeymoon. When they got back, the bride immediately called her mother....
  2. Under The Bed There Was A Message
  3. Definitions Of People's Occupations
  4. Most Wanted Usa Criminals
  5. Let's All Go On A Camping Trip... Never Again
  6. A Counterfeiter
  7. A Old Blind Man...
  8. At The Police Station
  9. Depression Of A Clown
  10. You Have To Install Software Updates

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Most of your dreams will come true over the coming fortnight, so prepare for wealth, health and happiness, you lucky......

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