Top 10 Jokes for April 2013

April 2013 was a fantastic time for jokes - here are our favourites. The worst thing about lists of the top ten jokes is that you have to read them. The next worst thing is that we have to write them. These jokes are compiled using a finite number of monkeys.

  1. School Uniforms And School Dress Code Jokes
    The teacher told one of the bad dressers in our class to do something about his shirt tail hanging out. ....
  2. Dirty Joke About Little Billy
  3. Behind Schedule
  4. Tight Mini-skirt And Zipper
  5. Funny Password Web Developer
  6. Church Hopping Rescued From A Desert Island
  7. Spelling Test Gates Of Heaven
  8. Who Broke Down The Walls Of Jericho?
  9. Three Men Were Sitting Naked...
  10. The Breakdown Near A Monastery

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