Top 10 Jokes for February 2013

Our top ten jokes for February 2013 are listed here for your pleasure and bemusement. If I flipped a coin and stepped on it, it simultaneously would be both heads and tails. This list mechanism confirms that duality. While this list is not yet definitive, it's certainly the best we have for now.

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  1. Data Protection Act Be Damned!
    At the Microsoft web site, when I tried to register for some freebies without giving away too much about myself, I received the following error....
  2. A Selection Of Comedy Limericks
  3. Military Medical Clinic
  4. Vibrator Joke
  5. Baskin Robbins
  6. Mail Call In The Army
  7. Sense Of Humor From The Boss
  8. Chico Marx Stomach Trouble
  9. Two Woman Are Fighting...
  10. Tennessee Dumb Laws

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