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Comment from: Bernie Sanders: Venezuela is a Socialist Utopia

#6 @ 9 months ago
by jaguar-answer - Ghost

Turtle_Basket wrote

McKinney wrote

jacobmooney wrote


Now listen here you little tssers... :)

i really love the things and comment's on this site. i want this printed on a mug. :)

You know when you turn on the rdio and there are song lyrics in your head... that's like this moment. Seems wrong.

4 comments, registered 4 years ago

Comment from: Lena Headey to undergo cosmetic procedure to "look unique"

#1 @ 2 years ago
by jaguar-answer - Ghost

There are plenty of supelative material on web pages - and this takes the biscuit. :)

4 comments, registered 4 years ago

Comment from: Saudi Arabia to observe Christmas this year

#1 @ 2 years ago
by jaguar-answer - Ghost

This is the most retarded thing tht I've ever experienced to make me cry. I'm offended that people need to read toss like this.

4 comments, registered 4 years ago

Comment from: Unusual Olympic Developments

#2 @ 3 years ago
by jaguar-answer - Ghost

Kathryn_Robinson wrote

i just don't like this kind of thing, and it very much bugs me that everyone else thinks it's ok. :

What the fuck? Nothing will stop me reading more on laughs end, but ths came close.

4 comments, registered 4 years ago

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