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Comment from: Joachim Low following Germany's last minute World Cup win over Sweden: "The sleeping giants have finally awoken"

#9 @ 4 months ago
by M_Kidd - Ghost

focus7 wrote

fyodor dostoyevsky wrote

Edited: sorry, unlikely post! I hate this kind of poop, so just accept that I'm true, fuckers. :(.

I did not not UN-cant stand this. There are plenty of super article's and comments on the internet, but this is silly.

hilarious. nice work. this rocks my world.

3 comments, registered 2 years ago

Comment from: Brazil makes dramatic change to Miss Bum Bum Competition

#7 @ 9 months ago
by M_Kidd - Ghost

foleyd7 wrote

Now listen here you little fuckers... I thought it was funny.

nice work, funny type person. edited: sorry, wrong post!

3 comments, registered 2 years ago

Comment from: I hope that the Left will eventually understand that.......

#1 @ 11 months ago
by M_Kidd - Ghost

none of that makes any sense. i ca not decide whether i should find out when you are next on holiday, take the week off, find out where you live, and spend a full seven days eating badly, and then shitting on everything you own.

3 comments, registered 2 years ago

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