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Comment from: Russia relieved by first World Cup win in 16 years

#7 @ 2 years ago
by Matrix - Ghost

josephine barajas wrote


ducks treatment wrote

There are all sorts of reasons to hate you, and this is one. This is utter poop.

mh. meh with meh on top.

I am surprised more has not been made of how terrible this is. Who genuinely wrote this - someone with chunks missing from there head?

im furious that people have to read garbage like this. here is the clear master of deflecting attention.

3 comments, registered 6 years ago

Comment from: Obama Star Wars Dance-off to be immortalised in next film, Episode VIII

#5 @ 4 years ago
by Matrix - Ghost

Philip Pullman7 wrote

Finch Faucet1965 wrote

front string wrote

This is sheer poop. I loathe this kind of poop, so just accept that I'm true, dickwad's.

Steal your ideas much? Get bent, you butt.

Facepalm. Who really wrote this - sum1 with chunks missing from their head?

great - another item i'll think is cool now, but will forget in 5 minutes time. i'm not entirely sure i believe this.

3 comments, registered 6 years ago

Comment from: Tyson, Al Bundy Celebrate Olympics

#2 @ 6 years ago
by Matrix - Ghost

Odom-Mooney-H wrote

Meh with meh on top. Meh.

i've seen almost everything on the internet and this is better than all of that. this is the quite okest peice of poop i've ever seen online.

3 comments, registered 6 years ago
Given Time, by Paul London

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