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Comment from: After another humiliating night against Spanish Opposition, Gianluigi Buffon vows to never play against La Liga teams in the Champions League again

#6 @ 2 years ago
by R Oneal - Ghost

Gun-List7 wrote

werner7 wrote

Gun-List7 wrote

Lollipopkitty wrote

This is poop, and you should feel stupid hilarious, I took a shit last night and it looked pretty much like this.

I'm convinced that stuff like thi are made just to rile people and wind them up. I don't understand.


oh shut up. i've really enjoyed th stuff on this website, but it's all turning tired now.


ok. there's something in here that intrigues me... and i think its how on earth anyone can see it without dying from boredom. :

2 comments, registered 3 years ago

Comment from: Sports year-end review

#9 @ 3 years ago
by R Oneal - Ghost

anya seton7 wrote

I very much enjoy the material on this site. I want this printed on a hat.

this is so super. this is the best peice of idiocy i've ever seen online.

2 comments, registered 3 years ago
Given Time, by Paul London

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