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Xbox One to be sold without processor

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Microsoft's flagship games console the Xbox One will from June be sold in the US and UK without a microprocessor. The move is said to be a marketing strategy to place the all-important price point of the console to below that of the prime competitor from Sony, the Playstation 4.

The bold move is to reduce the current sales price from $1,000 to around $350, and this is achieved by selling the kit without the all important processor.

"We've done similar things before with our software range," claimed Microsoft spokesperson Bob Clippy. "We shipped Windows 8 without the Start button, so we thought people would be at worst used to it, and at best expecting to put in some work with the new Xbox."

Sales of the Xbox One have generally been lower than that of rival PS4, leading to speculation that they might remove the Kinect sensor bar that is bundled with the unit. However, Mr Clippy advised us:

"Removing the Kinect is like removing Jesus from the New Testament. It's that big a deal."

Standalone processors for the new Xbox bundle are to be made available for $650. Share prices in Sony have risen dramatically in the last few hours.

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