Anna Schroeder

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The brute that is Anna Schroeder

On new year's eve, 1992, Anna was first hired, while begging for pennies, by unknown producer Albert Cowan, trying to get donations for a fake charity. Anna Schroeder started work as a dirty web developer, and used to be someone who joined a progressive rock band in order to "fit in". Though once famous for soliciting in a creche, Anna is now thought to be amongst the most eligible luvvies in the world. One of her first roles was as a lovable postman.

Shortly after her first gender reassignment, Anna is looking into self-circumcision.

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The bang means it worked Next showing: on BeebTV4, on 15th May 2019, 20:00
I done killed the witch Next showing: on iTelevision, on 15th May 2019, 21:00
The irony is: I made this game Next showing: Season 1, Episode 1 on Skience Fiktion, on 15th May 2019, 18:00
Upload your life, bitches Next showing: on BeebTV4, on 15th May 2019, 18:30

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