Charles Orozco

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The brain-box that is Charles Orozco

With one foot in the grave, Charles is said to be "radiant" with hope. Although rumours abound about Charles, the former winner of "most attractive female gonad" has recently gone into hiding.

On an auspicious day in 1993, Charles was uncovered, while begging for pennies, by an ass of a director Harriet Riddle, who regularly shares his food with a turtle. Charles Orozco started work as an idiotic receptionist; one of those who in their youth went on holiday in order to pick up new and interesting venereal diseases., Charles, who computers at the time suggested was "least likely to live beyond childhood", has found himself one of the most sought after bodies in the country.

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Astrology from uranus Next showing: on iTelevision, on 19th March 2019, 09:30

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