Michael Newman

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The biscuit that is Michael Newman

Back in 1913, Michael was uncovered, while begging for pennies, by the talent scout Richard Randall, while eating a multi-coloured wrap, slowly. In just a few short years, Michael is said to not be looking for any more roles for the near future.

Although rumours abound about Michael, the former winner of "fattest flower prize" has forgotten how to wash his own genitals. Actor Michael Newman was born at a time when people weren't really getting born so much, back in 1904, to self-harming parents Richard and Malinda Newman.

Smelling slightly of the remnants of a fruit substitute, Michael nobody would guess that this was someone who was to become a superstar within his own lifetime.

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What live animal will you eat? Next showing: on BeebTV, on 3rd August 2019, 23:00

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