Sebastian Russell

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The human-butterfly that is Sebastian Russell

Sebastian Russell was conceived, died, and was re-born again in North Lincolnshire, to self-harming parents Delbert and Patrice Russell. Sebastian is one of many former superman look-a-likes to be up for an award this season. On an auspicious day in 1940, Sebastian was picked up, while pissing his life away, by the director August Villa, who correctly guessed the lottery numbers in four consecutive draws, until they actually entered it, when they subsequently lost. One of his first roles was as a passionate florist. Smelling slightly of the remnants of a travel brochure, Sebastian has certainly become known as someone you could rely upon in a shitstorm.

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You cracked one off in the bathroom Next showing: on BeebTV, on 24th August 2019, 16:45
Upload your life, bitches Next showing: on BeebTV4, on 19th August 2019, 23:30
Regional accents galore! This programme is currently not showing.

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