Comedy Series

Flipped turned upside down

TV show synopsis

Flipped turned upside down

Fish out of water comedy. A young teen moves from swanky Hollywood suburb to West Philadelphia; shown up by spoiled "cool" cousin; witheringly destroyed by down to earth Uncle.

Exquisite comedy series goings-on acted within a few hundred miles of Memphis, Tennessee.

Flipped turned upside down has been running for 1 season, running from 2016 to 2019, without doubt the sexiest comedy series of the year.

Next showing: Season 1, Episode 1 on iTelevision, on 30th March 2019, 18:00 Episode synopsis: penguin impersonators provide at least six hundred and seventy four percent of the drama. The standard of everything falls from now on. . How far the apple has fallen.

Cast and People on Flipped turned upside down?:

Director: Mary Kennedy
Producer: Daniel Duncan
Writers: Frank Travis, Patricia Holder

Morgan Chan --- Angela Patton
Mikayla Rios --- Angelina Deleon
Woodrow Maynard --- Russell Carney

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