Kids Film

Arthur Chicken

Movie synopsis

Arthur Chicken

Kids film starring Arthur Chicken as a down-to-earth chicken who is threatened on account of him looking like "good eatin'". Chicken voiced by Eric Preston.

Lush example of prime-time kids film, brought to you near, but not quite, Fresno, California.

Next showing: on BeebTV, on 28th February 2020, 22:00

Cast and People on Arthur Chicken?:

Director: Michael Thornton
Producers: Laurence Ashley, Emilio Landry, William Vang, Mary Guerra
Writers: Vance Yoder, Eva Hendrix

No image on file David Cline --- David Cline
Julie Lloyd --- Carissa Pratt
Kevin Hartman --- Eric Preston
Jaime Jackson --- Earlene Rosales
Elvira Mayo --- Rose Berg
Amanda Dickson --- Brittany Brennan
Vaughn Clark --- Mike Lambert
Gerardo Rollins --- Vaughn Bernard
No image on file --- ---

Given Time, by Paul London

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