Science Fiction Series

There is an error

TV show synopsis

There is an error

Programming errors comes true in this Orwellian/H G Wellsian adaptation of Frank Herbert's existential thriller novella that he forgot to write.

Ace example of prime-time science fiction series, videod on a smartphone a place very unlike Washington.

There is an error has been running for 1 season, running from 2016 to 2019, nominated for awards that have themselves been awarded awards.

Next showing: Season 1, Episode 1 on BeebTV4, on 25th October 2019, 20:30 Episode synopsis: Ora wonders what it would be like to go around polishing shoes with goat urine. Everyone wonders what horrors will be next. The luck of the draw.

Cast and People on There is an error?:

Director: Paula Russo
Producers: Luther Torres, Loren Garcia
Writer: Annie Barajas

Julian Shepard --- Craig Knapp
Sheryl Odom --- Marisol Drake
David Turner --- Robert Shah
Robert Trevino --- Cooper Pearson
Latasha Serrano --- Cherie Zavala

Given Time, by Paul London

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