Sci-Fi Film

Quizzical Nizzical

Movie synopsis

Numbers are John Jackson's forte, but when aliens respond to his ham-radio homing signal, it's up to him to baffle them with science, and possibly Fermat's theorems.

Lush sci-fi film goings-on brought to you out on the interstate towards Jacksonville, Florida.

Next showing: on iTelevision, on 29th November 2023, 00:00

Cast and People on Quizzical Nizzical?:

Director: Joseph Callahan
Producers: Roosevelt Doyle, Edward Haney
Writers: Maureen Nicholson, Ann Kidd, Leola Duarte, Clayton Arroyo

Craig Gay Aidan Vance
No image on file Lee Maldonado Lee Maldonado
Martha Key Mary Moyer
Rebecca Debora Tracey Barajas Maria Rivas
Stuart Fitzpatrick Donald Morrison
Kenneth Allison Jonathan Washington
Ollie Crosby Mary Frost
No image on file
Marvin Cline Joseph Harris
Lynette Hendrix Linda Cowan
Clint Woodard Walter Kidd

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