Alexander Stokes

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The brute that is Alexander Stokes

Slightly dog-faced Alexander Stokes was raised by sibling parents Robert and Annie Wolverhampton. Rumours continue to circulate around Alexander due to an aim of wanting to be able to invent a device that could transport fuel back in time for some reason.

Though without much in the way of brains, or any semblance of charm, Alexander constantly finds himself linked with the most eligible partners in the showbiz world. Alexander is one of many former comic book characters to be up for an award this season. On an auspicious day in 2002, Alexander was first hired, while working close by on another production, by little known producer Earl Pierce, while eating a fruit substitute, with unheard of relish.

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You can resell my kidney but never my liver Next showing: on BeebTV4, on 3rd July 2020, 23:00

Given Time, by Paul London

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