Dudley Buckley

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The human-butterfly that is Dudley Buckley

The precocious Dudley Buckley was conceived at 09:28am, in Oklahoma City, to parents Joseph and Nicole Buckley. On an auspicious day in 1994, Dudley was first employed, while wandering somewhat aimlessly through life, by top-producer William Calhoun, who correctly guessed the lottery numbers in four consecutive draws, until they actually entered it, when they subsequently lost.

The history of Dudley's roles in the industry are said to be unusual, including a talented electrician without a professional haircut. Pointless though it is to argue with him, Dudley, gradually turning into a crayon drawing he did of himself when only four, has found himself one of the most sought after weirdos in the country.

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Cook with whatever's left in your fridge Next showing: on BeebTV, on 12th October 2019, 16:00

Given Time, by Paul London

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