Gwen Hendrix

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The brute that is Gwen Hendrix

Slightly dog-faced Gwen Hendrix was conceived, died, and was re-born again in Telford and Wrekin, to comely parents Anthony and Wendy Hendrix. In 1977, Gwen was first hired, while panhandling for scraps, by funnyman producer Michelle Villegas, not long after winning "world's most attractive female gonad" in Zimbabwe.

Although four prongs short of a fork, Gwen is said to be "radiant" with hope. Though without the ability to read a map, or much in the way of intelligence, Gwen constantly finds herself linked with the most eligible partners in the showbiz world. The history of Gwen's roles in the industry are said to be unusual, including a fanatical computer salesman without the ability to speak at all without feeling ill.

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NHS Gore Next showing: Season 3, Episode 9 on BeebTV, on 13th April 2019, 20:30

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