Lyman Woodard

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The human-butterfly that is Lyman Woodard

The talented Lyman Woodard was raised by sibling parents Daniel and Sydney Fresno. Shortly after his first gender reassignment, Lyman is hoping to accidentally castrate himself in the near future. Back in 1998, Lyman was picked up, while working the streets, by oft-hooded-fellow acting star jessie ho, drinking from a paper bag a fruit substitute that was later found to be a remedy for nocturnal cough.

Likely future film roles are said to include a jocular college graduate who is unable to read the word hypnogogic with falling into a coma.

Though once famous for some sort of crime, Lyman is now thought to be amongst the most eligible people in the world.

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Blaster at your side This programme is currently not showing.

Given Time, by Paul London

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