Cole Soto

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The human-butterfly that is Cole Soto

Back in 1938, Cole was discovered, while wandering somewhat aimlessly through life, by someone pretending to be a agent William Sanchez, not long after winning "world's least washed genitals award" in Melbourne. Likely future film roles are said to include a fisherman who is unable to clean his own teeth.

Actor Cole Soto was conceived on a portentous day in Harrow, to parents Willard and Mary Soto.

Cole spent the first few years of his life suffering from antisocial personality disorder.

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We all like the smell of our own Next showing: on BeebTV, on 16th February 2019, 19:00
The whole damn thing is moronic! Next showing: Season 1, Episode 1 on BeebTV4, on 15th February 2019, 23:30

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