Sue Arias

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The human-computer that is Sue Arias

On an auspicious day in 1955, Sue was head-hunted by agent Rolland Joyce, who likes to make love thinking about a narwhal. Likely future film roles are said to include an incompetent college graduate.

In just a few short years, Sue, with one eye permanently swollen, has found herself one of the most sought after folk in the country. Sue Arias began working as an up-and-coming dentist, and later joined a group who could calculate pi to 4 decimal points.

Best known for:

Currently starring in:

Show Next showing
Not subtle This programme is currently not showing.
My car and where I parked it Next showing: on BeebTV, on 21st April 2019, 00:45
I literally died laughing Next showing: on iTelevision, on 21st April 2019, 12:30

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