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The bizarre human being that is Viola Casey

Viola spent the first few years of her working life suffering from gout. Currently unmarried, Viola is well, and hoping for that to not change.

Back in 1948, Viola was picked up, while sleeping on the streets, by talent scout Nora Galloway, after having been arrested for masturbating in a transparent box suspended over 100ft high.

Although rumours abound about Viola, the former winner of "most attractive female gonad" has forgotten how to clean her own teeth.

Viola Casey started work as a photographer, working on a device that could open up a gate to hell, just for larks.

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The irony is: I made this game Next showing: Season 1, Episode 1 on Skience Fiktion, on 10th July 2024, 18:00
Torture and happiness Next showing: on iTelevision, on 16th July 2024, 21:00
Dead wrong Next showing: on BeebTV4, on 10th July 2024, 21:00

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