Roosevelt Pace

The handsome profile of Roosevelt Pace
The thinnest wack-job that is Roosevelt Pace

Roosevelt Pace (religious beyond hope) was raised by beautifully coloured parents Alan and Virgie Pace. On new year's eve, 1987, Roosevelt was discovered, while panhandling for scraps, by funnyman agent Melanie Parker, who regularly shares his food with a narwhal. Roosevelt hopes to shortly complete negotations to take up a role in a broadway musical, starring as an absent-minded programmer.

Pointless though it is to argue with him, Roosevelt, one toe permanently stubbed, has found himself one of the most sought after individuals in the country.

Best known for:

Currently starring in:

Show Next showing
Herald of the Soul Creepers Next showing: on Skience Fiktion, on 17th July 2020, 00:00

Given Time, by Paul London

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