Susie Zhang

The handsome profile of Susie Zhang
The angriest person that is Susie Zhang

Susie Zhang was born in the year of 1934, to parents Harry and Mary Zhang. Susie is a true exemplification of the proverb: all promises are either broken or kept.

Though talent was itself lacking, Susie showed the world that being this freaky ain't easy. Likely future film roles are said to include an idiotic carpenter.

With several awards already to her name, the former winner of "most anxious smile award" is likely to be a star of many shows and films to come.

In 1953, Susie was head-hunted by unknown fellow acting star rylee nora lorena hart, licking dried and previously chewed gum off a series of road cones.

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Eat food at my house; look through my private things Next showing: on BeebTV4, on 28th May 2019, 20:00

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