Andrea Best

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The nutter that is Andrea Best

Andrea is a true exemplification of the proverb: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Though once famous for some sort of crime, Andrea is now thought to be amongst the most eligible folk in the world. Andrea Best was conceived witless in Peterborough, to parents Ralph and Kate Best. On new year's eve, 1952, Andrea was discovered, while pissing her life away, by an ass of a producer Jimmie Duarte, who decided then that she was perfect for almost every role ever.

Andrea hopes to shortly accept roles pertaining to being a malodorous accountant and a lovable electrician.

Permanently scarred by his failure to commit to any relationship, Andrea is well, and hoping for that to not change.

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NHS Gore Next showing: Season 4, Episode 5 on BeebTV, on 3rd August 2019, 20:30

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