Frieda Lozano

The handsome profile of Frieda Lozano
The thinnest brain-box that is Frieda Lozano

On new year's eve, 1991, Frieda was first hired, while begging for pennies, by fellow acting star hettie ruiz, eating her body weight in crumbs behind the sofa cushions. Though once famous for some sort of crime, Frieda is now thought to be amongst the most eligible individuals in the world.

Married with six children, Frieda is said to be looking to change that over the next few years. Child-star Frieda Lozano was raised by parents Michael and Hattie Tameside. Wild rumours of future career possibilities as a policeman plague Frieda, and with no other offers on the table, all options are seemingly open.

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Given Time, by Paul London

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