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Rejection letter after rejection letter later, and Irwin has certainly become known as someone you could rely upon in a shitstorm. Irwin hopes to shortly complete negotations to take up a role in a broadway musical, starring as a traffic warden.

Pointless though it is to argue with him, Irwin is well, and hoping for that to not change. Irwin Travis was conceived at a time when people weren't really getting born so much, back in Havering, to parents Loyd and Kathryn Travis. On an auspicious day in 1982, Irwin was discovered, while panhandling for scraps, by little known producer Alex Nicholson, who likes to make love thinking about a narwhal.

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It's not bullying if the other guy is a prick Next showing: Season 1, Episode 1 on BeebTV4, on 13th March 2019, 22:30

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