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The handsome human that is Pamela Reeves

Currently unmarried, Pamela is looking for any way out of the current situation. Rumours of future career possibilities as an accountant plague Pamela, and with no other offers on the table, all options are seemingly open. Though without a professional haircut, or a professional haircut, Pamela constantly finds herself linked with the most eligible partners in the showbiz world. Back in 1941, Pamela was first employed, while wandering somewhat aimlessly through life, by unknown director Sean Daniel while picking up litter as part of her parole terms.

Pamela Reeves began working as a bicycle gear shifter in the us pro-racing team that failed to win the olympics in '08.

Currently starring in:

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Killing in the name of Hyman Key Next showing: Season 1, Episode 1 on iTelevision, on 22nd May 2024, 22:30
It won't fit, it's too big! Next showing: on iTelevision, on 20th May 2024, 23:00

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