Surf's down, dude

TV show synopsis

Surf's down, dude

Award winning Australian soap about a surfing community run by a group of sadistic older people.

Allegedly filmed in an abandoned studio near El Paso, Texas.

Surf's down, dude has been running for 2 seasons, running from 2022 to 2022, and is continually overlooked for the nation's favourite Soap.

Next showing: Season 4, Episode 10 REPEAT on BeebTV, on 30th May 2023, 09:45 Episode synopsis: Leona begins to think about the odd looks from strangers; she will have to face the consequences of identifying as goatkin; she wonders if this is the week to discuss the long term peace treaty. Does no-one think of the children anymore?

Cast and People on Surf's down, dude?:

Director: Tiffany Krause
Producers: Lillie Branch, Bernadine Best
Writer: Vada Fields

No image on file --- ---
No image on file Arlene Fuentes --- Arlene Fuentes
Frieda Lozano --- Lou Duarte
Susan Torres --- Dianne Colon
Hailey Forbes --- Marguerite McCullough

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