I done killed the witch

TV show synopsis

I done killed the witch

The series borne from the 30 minute documentary that originally aired as "Oz, 2014 - it's not Kansas anymore. Come to think of it, it never was, it was Oz.". Get ready for L. Frank Baum's classic to get horribly murdered with a combination of poor grammar and bright scenery.

Sublime documentary chicanery directed somewhere within spitting distance of Dallas, Texas.

Next showing: on iTelevision, on 19th February 2019, 21:00

Cast and People on I done killed the witch?:

Director: Anna Schroeder
Writers: , Noel Gamble

Pauline Arias --- As herself
No image on file --- ---
Douglas Archer --- As himself
Charles McGee --- As himself
Richard Wall --- As himself

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