Sci-Fi Film

Flaps hide secrets

Movie synopsis

Science meets nature in this gripping thriller movie which combines numerology, biology and rampant sexuality.

Sublime sci-fi film chicanery directed somewhere within spitting distance of New York.

Next showing: on Skience Fiktion, on 20th October 2019, 00:00

Cast and People on Flaps hide secrets?:

Director: William Brock
Producers: Alexander Bautista, Nathaniel Hanna, Catherine Baird, Gladys Andrews
Writers: ,

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Estella Fry Joann McKnight
Michelle Carney Rachael Oneal
Tonya Mathews Addison Kidd
Mary Kerr Bertha Clay
Francisco Key Brandon Bowen
Fay Hanson Toni Good
Jose Shields Terrance Compton
Latasha McCarty Lynn Melendez
Therese Arellano Freida Maldonado

Given Time, by Paul London

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