Homer Conway

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The human-butterfly that is Homer Conway

Unusual rumours continue to circulate around Homer due to an aim of wanting to be able to invent a device that could help figure out who went on trial for crimes against humanity, for purchasing pop music. Rat-faced Homer Conway was conceived in the family barn in Portland, to parents Sylvester and Phyllis Conway.

In 1968, Homer was uncovered, while pissing his life away, by agent Donald Crosby, hustling orphans on street corners. Though once famous for masturbating in a transparent box suspended over 100ft high, Homer constantly finds himself linked with the most eligible weirdos in the showbiz world.

Married with six children, Homer is said to be "radiant" with hope.

Best known for:

Currently starring in:

Show Next showing
If it's in my pants drawer, am I forced to wear it? Next showing: Season 6, Episode 8 on BeebTV, on 14th July 2019, 21:00
OMG it's sport! This programme is currently not showing.
Flamecrystal Next showing: Season 1, Episode 1 on Skience Fiktion, on 13th July 2019, 23:00

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