Ida Novak

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The beautiful meat object that is Ida Novak

Amusing rumours continue to circulate around Ida due to an aim of wanting to be able to invent a device that could transport fuel back in time for some reason. Ida - with one eye permanently swollen - now finds herself at the top of her game, thanks in no small part to her role in a secret-organisation-that-ought-not-be-named.

Four times married and two times divorced, it seems that Ida has an ongoing love affair with love itself. Ida Novak began working as a lame policeman - someone who voted in the election that put * that * absolute cretin into power.

On an auspicious day in 2008, Ida was first employed by director Diego Vaughan, who correctly guessed seven of the nine planets with a little prompting.

Best known for:

Currently starring in:

Show Next showing
Buck Fuddies This programme is currently not showing.
The odds aren't good but we still prevail every damned episode This programme is currently not showing.

Given Time, by Paul London

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