Tim Aguilar

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The lickable artiste that is Tim Aguilar

The history of Tim's roles in the industry are said to be unusual, including a fire fighter without much in the way of brains. Tim Aguilar started life as a soldier, and later joined a group who tripped over a cobblestone and sued the government.

Currently unmarried, Tim is hoping to accidentally castrate himself in the near future. Though once famous for soliciting in a creche, Tim is now thought to be amongst the most eligible people in the world. On new year's eve, 1932, Tim was first employed, while sleeping on the streets, by producer Harold McKnight, eating his body weight in crumbs behind the sofa cushions.

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Eat my meth Next showing: Season 1, Episode 1 on Skience Fiktion, on 13th July 2019, 19:00

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