Crime / Murder mystery Series


TV show synopsis


Crime drama about a man, Pete Faulkner, who hears a buzzing noise in his head whenever crime is about to happen. Co-stars his latest wife (which changes half way through each season).

60 minutes of your life that you won't want back with vistavision in Denver, Colorado.

Buzz has been running for 5 seasons, running from 2022 to 2024, containing a cast that would happily flirt with a lamp.

Next showing: Season 5, Episode 19 on BeebTV, on 16th July 2024, 01:30 Episode synopsis: Ellis is thinking naughty thoughts. Forgiveness is hard to come by. The luck of the draw.

Cast and People on Buzz?:

Director: Johnnie Sanford
Producers: Mary Mays, Nancy Velasquez
Writers: Mary Cordova, Elwood Kelley

Claude Key Pete Faulkner
Richard Sherman William Faulkner
Colby Bean Walter Faulkner
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