Science Fiction Series

Killer bee robots from Eastern Europe

TV show synopsis

Killer bee robots from Eastern Europe

Killer bees out to kill other bees in this novel US science fiction series.

60 minutes of your life that you won't want back filmed by wire around New York.

Killer bee robots from Eastern Europe has been running for 5 seasons, running from 2016 to 2019, where not even the writers know what's going to happen next.

Next showing: Season 5, Episode 2 on BeebTV, on 19th April 2019, 12:30 Episode synopsis: Voices will be raised; expectations lowered. As the saying goes: Love levels all inequalities. armpits like wookiees provide at least three hundred and thirty eight percent of the drama. Everyone wonders what horrors will be next. Will anyone open up, only to have the heart torn out?

Cast and People on Killer bee robots from Eastern Europe?:

Director: Clifton Fitzgerald
Producers: Robert Daugherty, Kelley Valentine
Writers: Camilla Patton, Carlos Holden

No image on file --- ---
No image on file --- ---
No image on file Mickey Hendrix --- Mickey Hendrix
No image on file Joshua Fry --- Joshua Fry
No image on file --- ---
Rhoda Carpenter --- Nancy Conway

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