Sci-Fi Film

My belief is suspended

Movie synopsis

My belief is suspended

With this film, you'll really feel like you can fly, if you take a shit load of Nitrous Oxide or use your imagination. Whatever.

A 120 minute sci-fi film of unrivalled entertainment taped on vhs somewhere near Los Angeles, but possibly somewhere else.

Next showing: on Skience Fiktion, on 28th May 2019, 22:00

Cast and People on My belief is suspended?:

Director: Joseph Garcia
Producers: Paul Duarte, Amber Dickerson, Mack Kaiser,
Writers: William Sanchez, Joyce Braun

Isiah Livingston Brian Wiggins
Hubert Branch David Stark
Oliver Key Jean Hurley
Gladys Kidd Tanya Nolan
Myles Petty James Ibarra
William Duarte George Murillo
No image on file
Jean Lutz Lynn Davila
Carl Horton James Case
No image on file

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