Hospital drama

The artificial limbs of Elizabeth Bowers

TV show synopsis

The artificial limbs of Elizabeth Bowers

Weekly series showing the interesting diagnoses or Dr Bowers, the psychotic but witty head of forensic challenges.

The artificial limbs of Elizabeth Bowers has been running for 1 season, running from 2015 to 2018, where not even the writers know what's going to happen next.

Next showing: Season 1, Episode 1 on iTelevision, on 21st December 2018, 23:30 Episode synopsis: Shania is left regretting being unable to locate things with use of the tongue. No matter what recurs in this episode, nobody will ever change their ongoing behaviour. And you still watch this stuff?

Cast and People on The artificial limbs of Elizabeth Bowers?:

Director: Edmond Friedman
Producer: George Combs
Writers: Tony Moss, Megan Key

Joseph Andersen Gregg Guzman
No image on file Curtis Ayers Curtis Ayers
Jennifer Farrell Elizabeth Bowers
Carter Ewing Harvey Odom
Lon Haney William Khan

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