Mary Decker

The handsome profile of Mary Decker
The likeable bread-basket that is Mary Decker

Mary hopes to shortly accept roles being a capable fisherman. Mary is one of many pretenders to the throne to be up for an award this season.

In 1951, Mary was first hired, while pissing her life away, by oft-hooded-producer Mary Cain, while eating a sandwich, slowly.

"the" Mary Decker was born on a portentous day in 1943, to parents Silas and Mary Decker.

Mary spent the first few years of her fame suffering from antisocial personality disorder.

Best known for:

Currently starring in:

Show Next showing
You can resell my kidney but never my liver Next showing: on BeebTV4, on 4th July 2020, 18:00

Given Time, by Paul London

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