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Read story Giant swarm of bees descends on grandmother's car to free queen trapped inside.
Entertainment 7

An elderly lady from Wales was amazed to realize a huge swarm of bees had descended onto the boot of her car while she was visiting...

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From Tax cheats set to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge, in new reality television dodgeball show
"We want to know what black pudding tastes like if we use celebrity blood...." - see story

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All PC games to first be made on consoles to ensure compatibility

Entertainment 4

Following on from the relatively recent disastrous launches of Batman: Arkham Knight and Assassin’s Creed: Unity, computer game makers have universally agreed to no longer attempt to make any further PC games until they've first been proven to work perfectly on consoles. Mark Adamson, head of Unity Knight Industries 2000, told...

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NHS staff forced to become Premier League footballers for morale and fitness purposes

Health 1

NHS staff have today revealed that they've been ordered by senior bosses to join a Premier League football team. The news comes as an addendum to earlier news that the taking of Zumba classes would become a basic requirement of NHS employment....

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Japanese start-up to sell used female gym bike seats

Health 7

Japanese start-up company Tentacle-Insertion-Company (TIC) has issued a press release today hailing their latest product: the used gym bicycle seat. Lucky members of a kickstarter project launched in early April are set to receive a guaranteed padded gym seat, sat and sweated on by the unmentionable female anatomy....

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Leicester win Premier League; Gary Lineker to appear nude on Match of the Day

Sport 2

Leicester City Football Club today celebrate winning the 2015/2016 Barclays Premier League title, with three games to spare. The Foxes concluded their season by drawing with Manchester United on Sunday night, and then watching as only rivals to the title,Tottenham Hotspur, could...

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Gay robots launched in London, UK, Apple store

Entertainment 0

Some will tell you that the original gay robots can be found in George Lucas' Star Wars, the epic documentary spanning the forty seven years of celebrity cat-fighting in early Hollywood. But today one London Apple store upped-the-ante by gambling on Chip - the latest gay robot...

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Tax cheats set to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge, in new reality television dodgeball show

Business 10

Media-convicted UK tax dodgers are set to undergo a new form of trial this year as the criminal justice system tests a new form of crime prevention concept: reality TV dodgeball. In a brief statement released on Facebook by Judge MC Michaels, we have learned that any celebrity...

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Sound Guy Discovers Turning Everything Up On Equaliser Makes Music Sound Perfect

Sci / Tech 3

Tom Falconer, a sound guy for the St David's Church band in Maidenhead, has claimed to have discovered the perfect universal equalisation formula for mixing music according to independent audiophile magazine 'Acoustink'. The technique however is simply to just "turn all the knob...

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Misprint in latest Brexit polls cause 13% of people to vote for "shake it all about"

Politics 2

The latest Brexit poll, undertaken by Garamond Funeral Services, Cheshire, has revealed that the electorate are becoming increasingly confused by the balloting process. A misprint in the poll caused thirteen percent of voters to answer the poll by adding their own written response....

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