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Worlds most resilient plant discovered in unlikely place.

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Many would probably be inclined to answer cactus, if they were asked to crown the toughest plant on earth. Others might suggest some deep-dwelling seaweed or a beaten down sprout, struggling to make it on a snow-covered mountaintop.

Surprisingly enough, it’s none of the above. At least not according to a recent discovery made by botanist-in-training, Daisy Parker Green, who now could be heading for the history books.

Miss. Green came across the unorthodox planting while participating in a drug-intervention in the Trenton area.

The poor plant, which on further examination turned out to be a potted Yucca, had been neglected for years by the apartments socially challenged occupants and would most certainly have perished, had it not been recognized and saved by the young botanist.

“We were having a crying-break when I noticed this potted thing linger in a light deprived corner.” explains a proud Miss. Green and continues. “I went to pick it up, assuming it to be some sort of artwork, and was thoroughly surprised to find a living organism beneath the inch-thick layer of dust and Pitbull fur.”

Miss. Green estimates the mistreated house-plant had not seen water or human attention for more than eight years when it was rescued.

The Yucca was later adopted by an undisclosed habitat where it’s recovering and reportedly doing well. Whereas, the twelve men and nine women registered to the address all have been charged with attempted floracide.

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