Spoof news archive

We get through a lot of news here at Laughsend, and to showcase some of our forgotten spoof, satire and parody, we created this archive. We know, you're amazed that we bother to show any of this stuff in the first place so why would you want to dig back into all this nonsense? Well, that's so true and so well put that we find ourselves unable to argue with you. The old spoof news is dead, long live... I dunno, pictures of cats in boxes or something. Schrodinger would not approve.

Notice the gap in years? That's because Laughsend went offline for far too long. It initially became The Spoof, but now we're back on Laughsend.

Satire archive

Of course, if you're looking for a real roll-around-in-the-hay with some true satire archive material, you'd do as well to check our satire news vault.

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