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Here at Laughsend we've worked hard to collect, compile, categorise and cull these funny free jokes - all until we've run out of c-words AND we're left with only a steaming pile of funny adult jokes! We hope you like our selection of jokes specifically for adults - kids, seriously, this is not made for you - and here to get you started are a few ways of accessing our jokes and finding the funny. From the sublime bon mots of punnery, to the pathetic attempts at ribald limerick rhyming, free from charge or meaning.

We love jokes here at Laughsend - but if you're not only here for the jokes themselves, there's always our huge spoof humour archive, along with the classic Funny Horoscopes.

Jokes are always made from a point of view - if you're offended by any material you find on this site, then please accept our apologies.

Please have fun looking at our collection of funny adult jokes. If you find what you're looking for then we've done our job, and if not, then we've let you down and apologise. But do remember to check out the front page with lots of satire news articles which are always pretty funny. We hope these are the kinds of jokes you can tell, either in a business situation to colleagues, or to friends around the dinner table. Telling adult jokes is always a good way to freely break the ice with people - you can become the life of the party, just like Smokey Robinson did... except, hopefully, without the blues.

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