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George W Bush to Take Over as the New Host of The Price is Right and Finally Find the Weapons of Mass Destruction

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The news of George W Bush taking over as the new host of The Price is Right has sent shockwaves throughout the nation. The public is divided on the appointment, with some praising the former president's "charismatic" personality, while others believe it's a sign of the end times.

"I never thought I'd see the day when George W Bush would be hosting a game show," said Karen Stevenson, a local librarian. "It just goes to show how crazy the world has become."

Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists are convinced that Bush's appointment has a hidden agenda. "This is obviously a ploy to distract us from the fact that he still hasn't found those WMDs," said Alex Jones, a well-known conspiracy theorist.

Despite the backlash, Bush seems confident in his new role. "I'm excited to take on this challenge and give away some amazing prizes," he said in a statement.

Fans of The Price is Right are curious to see how the former president will handle the show's catchphrases, such as "Come on down!" and "You're the next contestant!" Some are already speculating that he'll add his own catchphrase to the mix, such as "Mission accomplished!"

While the news has certainly caused a stir, there's no doubt that Bush will bring his own unique flair to The Price is Right. As one anonymous executive at CBS put it, "He may not be Bob Barker, but he's definitely got a certain...charm."

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